Who We Serve


Established in 1982, MII was the first private water meter installation company in Massachusetts. Since then, MII has worked with dozens of cities and towns throughout greater New England to ensure that modern, economically advantageous and practical water metering solutions are implemented, mass meter change out projects are completed successfully and on schedule and that our workmanship exceeds the level of professionalism expected by the client. From surveys and audits to large commercial meter tests, MII is able to handle every aspect of a municipality’s water metering needs.

Private Businesses

For years it was never economically feasible for property owners or managers to implement their own water metering solution because the infrastructure required to obtain reads was too expensive. However, MII’s partnership with Metron-Farnier and their smart cellular water metering solution requires no new infrastructure, no propagation studies, includes no annual costs, no maintenance and provides high reliability and performance. The VN System delivers intelligent data for a wide variety of applications beyond billing reads, leak detection, water conservation, strategic planning and basic analytics.