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Increased awareness, less water waste, improved efficiency, and sustainability – Mass Installation Inc. has your properties covered. Our state-of-the-art smart water metering solutions are perfect for commercial property owners or managers as well as homeowners and landlords in Massachusetts and greater New England.

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Smart Water Meters For Everyone

For years it was never economically feasible for property developers, owners and/or managers to implement their own water metering solution because the required infrastructure was too expensive.

However, MII’s partnership with Metron-Farnier and their smart cellular water metering solution requires no new infrastructure, no propagation studies, includes no annual costs, no maintenance and provides high reliability and performance. The system delivers intelligent data for a wide variety of applications beyond billing reads, leak detection, water conservation, strategic planning and basic analytics.

Once installed, our smart water metering solutions help you save on utilities, increase safety, improve efficiency, and may even help you earn credits, rebates, or other incentives.

Sub-Metering Solutions

Whether you’re a large commercial property owner with thousands of tenants or if you’re a residential management company looking to resolve water bill disputes among property owners, a smart water sub-metering solution is a crucial asset.

Providing end users with the ability to monitor and manage usage while obtaining accurate individual billing and establishing reliable data for future planning are among the key features of a smart sub-metering solution. Resources, including time and personnel, once allocated to managing a property’s water system can now be focused elsewhere. Transparency is elevated, confidence is fostered, and conservation is promoted. 

Detect Unusual Or Abnormal Usage Patterns Instantly

You can get instant alerts on unusual or abnormal water usage patterns with a smart water meter.

As a result, threats of water loss and water damage can get minimized and addressed quickly. Among the most common and potential water issues that can impact the property are:

  • Continuous Water Leak
  • Intermittent Water Leak
  • Unauthorized Usage
  • High Usage Alert
  • Low Temperature Warning
  • Water Budget Parameters
  • Irrigation Analysis
  • Consumption Comparison
  • Flow Rate Analysis
  • System-Wide Daily Analytics
  • Watering Event Conservation Adherence
  • Backflow or Zero Use

Online account management makes it easy to view your historical data and generate reports to keep tabs on your water usage.

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Avoid Waste With Use Alerts

Water leak sensor alert , smart water sensor can automatically shut off a solenoid valve.

Smart water meter customers receive customized notifications.

Via email or text messages for watering events, including continuous or intermittent leaks, high usage, unauthorized usage and low temperature warnings.

For property owners and managers, this advanced metering infrastructure allows you to easily monitor daily water consumption, allowing you to see how much water your properties are using compared to their others. In addition to real-time data reports, property owners can set up customized reports to review historical water consumption data.

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Improve Efficiency

Smart water distribution infrastructure can help optimize water service and improve overall efficiency.

By monitoring your water consumption and identifying usage patterns, you can change your property to save money in the long run. In addition, website access and remote reading streamline the process, allowing you to manage multiple properties from one location.

Conserve resources, consolidate management, and gain control over your water with our innovative utility management technology that allows you to monitor one or multiple properties on a user-friendly platform.

Improve Oversight

Oversight is critical when it comes to managing water consumption.

Smart water meters provide granular data into how much water gets used throughout the day, week, month or year. In addition, real-time data collection and reporting empower users to understand where there’s water loss and take immediate action to reduce waste.

The once tedious and laborious process of reading meters and comparing usage patterns to detect leaks is efficient by virtue of modern software. Multiple properties can be monitored under one platform reducing overhead costs and advancing the development of centralized utilities management.

Support Sustainability and Plan for the Future

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Initiatives require owners and property managers to implement sustainable practices when improving properties or developing new projects.

Innovative water metering supports sustainability and aids in achieving this goal by providing detailed information on water usage.

Developers can now be at the forefront of the Green industry as key market players. Implementing smart meter technology for water conservation efforts in new builds helps create smart cities and municipalities that meet the needs of tomorrow.

The finite statistics extrapolated from the data can be used to plan future developments by comparing usage between properties and analyzing the potential for expansion based on a current properties usage; flow-rate levels can be used in a variety of applications such as conservation, meter sizing, time-of-use studies, flow-rate analysis and more.

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