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Mass Installation Inc. helps water utilities across the United States increase revenue, conserve water and operate more efficiently by utilizing smart water meter technology to reduce unaccounted for water, promote confidence and establish centralized management capabilities.

MII is New England’s exclusive distributor of Metron-Farnier smart water meters and advanced metering analytics technology. We also provide installation, testing, consultation, system audits, and system-wide maintenance for water meters and advanced metering infrastructures.

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Develop Centralized Management

Our commitment to excellence and esteemed partnership with Metron-Farnier, one of North America’s leading meter manufacturers, has aided us to become the most trusted name for water meter services in the New England region. Smart water metering solutions, by utilizing acute low-flow accuracy and granular data reporting, are proven to increase revenue for utilities by reducing unaccounted for water. However, the benefits don’t end there. 

Promote Transparency – Permit water customers to view and manage their own water usage through an online portal. 

Elevate Confidence – Reduce water bill disputes and abatement requests by allowing water customers to manage usage with customized alerts. 

Increase Revenue – Utilities can set usage alerts for tiered consumption rates and establish irrigation restrictions with automatic notifications for unauthorized watering. 

Allocate Resources Elsewhere – obtaining reads can be done instantly from a computer, tablet or smartphone. 

Eliminate Human Error – The amount of time required and errors made generating bills from handwritten billing books, with little corresponding data to support the figures, is eliminated by smart metering solutions with seamless billing integration. 

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Commercial Metering

Commercial accessories The most important part of any water meter infrastructure, commercial meters generally account for about 33% of actual connections in any given utility, but they account for over 50% of total consumption rendering them the most valuable part of any water meter infrastructure.

Often overlooked to avoid replacement, many communities not owning commercial meters costs cities and towns millions in revenue and uncounted water. Mass Installation specializes in large meter audits, testing, rightsizing, installation and repair. Our goal always being to guide and educate our customers to put the correct meter in the correct application, because if there is one thing that experience has taught us, there is no “one size fits all” sized solution in the water meter world.

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Residential Metering

Residential accessoriesNo project is too small.

Whether it’s providing maintenance to minor issues within a utilities system or assisting a municipality with a mass meter change out, it is the responsibility of each MII employee to discharge their duties with fidelity and integrity. 

This means recommending economically practical solutions for utilities experiencing issues as well as exercising the utmost competence during change out programs from customer interaction, to clean-up after meter change out, at MII punctuality, professionalism and proper performance are fundamental. 

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Mass Installation strives to educate more than advise.

We want to leave the ability with the client to be proactive, instead of reactive, to all their water concerns.

With over 40 years of experience of working with utilities of all sizes, Mass Installation works with you efficiently and effectively to get any water meter project done on time, on budget, but most importantly 100% complete.

We have given utilities the tools they need to take back millions in lost revenue, stabilize water and sewer rates, and clean up antiquated, often even faulty, database records.  There is a correct tool for every job, including metering, and Mass Installation, Inc. endeavors to utilize them all. 

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Meter Testing

meter testingMeter testing is perhaps the most important, but often overlooked part of the water accountability industry.

Accurate billing and water conservation is impossible without an accurate meter.

10% of meters are supposed to be tested annually in most states, all fire flow meters and compound meters should be tested annually.  Because this is often overlooked, it accounts for a high percentage of unaccounted water.  Whether it is water conservation, or correct billing, meter accuracy is imperative.

The most important meters to test are the largest, and the oldest meters in your water system.  When Mass Installation tests a meter and it passes, you can be sure that it will account for every drop of water that passes through it, assuming it is the right meter for the job. As water usage increases or decreases, so should its metering system (rightsizing).  This also keeps you ahead of the curve for parts and replacement.

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Project Management

The hardest part of any major project, MII has 40 years of helping utilities and businesses make it easy.

MII has developed a proprietary Project Management plan that allows us to segregate various aspects of work, address special characteristics  and procedures associated  with each utility’s selected technology and water meters, to effectively and efficiently complete 100% of each job.

  • Mobilization: Mass Installation, Inc. (MII) utilizes a proprietary Project Management (PM) software program that tracks all Project activity, account by account, from start to finish. Project activity will begin with obtaining the town database for all subject accounts along with all identifying or segregating information (size, age, manufacturer, model meter, total usage, etc.).  This data is then inserted into our tracking program.  Within the software environment, we’ll track all customer contact and all meter installation or retrofit services.  This includes the recording of all basic meter exchange data and any parts or additional work needed to complete any installation.  This database file is one of our initial tasks to complete along with determining a precise location for daily launch activity, making arrangements for scrap handling, and placing initial orders for meters, parts, and MIU’s. Our hours of Installation are flexible and can be made conducive to those of the client, and what they see as their best interest for productivity.
  • Electronic Data File: As noted above, all data is tracked in the MII Project Management software. We will provide the customer and meter installation data back to client or Engineer in Excel, MS Word, Access, ASCII, or nearly any other format as requested.  If requested, data exchange files can be electronically sent to the client for automatic updating of customer files.  This will be an option for the client to consider.
  • Customer Contact Process: As per the specifications, MII will work with the town to coordinate the scheduling of appointments. As noted the Town is making all appointments however MII will track the job with its own Project management software.
  • MII obtains a file from the client of all subject accounts. This information should include, at minimum, customer account number, street address, phone number, line size, and any meter information.  Other information regarding the owner versus the tenant, billing address and owner phone (if different from the physical location data) may also be provided.  This information is loaded into the Project Management (PM) Software program and then segregated by class of work (standard, nonstandard, pit set, right-size, etc.), installation area, and installer assignment.

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