What We Do

Mass Installation’s mission is to provide its clients with services and products to maintain and increase water revenues while providing detailed information for improved operations, conservation, customer service and maintenance.

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Conserve Water, Manage Usage and Increase Revenue

Smart water meters provide real-time reporting to identify unusual water usage right away.

Our real-time reporting solution gives valuable water usage insights to the utility and property owners.

Mass Installation, Inc. has provided water resource consultation, distribution, project management, testing, and meter installation services to industrial, residential, commercial, and municipal customers throughout New England since 1982.

We Partner With The Best!

MII is proud to be New England’s exclusive distributor of Metron-Farnier smart water meters and read technology.

Metron-Farnier meters are designed for extremely wide range and long-term accuracy.

The combination of design simplicity, superior grade materials, and high quality manufacturing standards allows for years of virtually new meter performance with no maintenance. Furthermore, commercial meters are able to measure flow below ½ – ¼ gallons per minute thereby yielding an extra 10%-20% revenue compared to conventional displacement meters.

Metron continues to lead the industry in technology and is proud to introduce one-minute data read intervals, being the first in the industry. With Metron’s AMI system, powered by one-minute data, there are many advantages including in-home fixture use identification, detailed irrigation system usage breakdown by zone, and accurate peak flow rate reporting.

Waterscope, Meton-Farnier’s proprietary software, is the world’s most powerful Water Meter Data Management System. It leverages the finest granularity in the AMI industry with sub 1 gallon data reported in 5 minute and now even optional 1 minute time intervals to allow analytics never before conceivable. New breakthroughs with machine learning algorithms interpret the incoming data for the user down to a level of dissecting household water usage by fixture.

Best of all, the system utilizes the existing Verizon LTE cellular network as its backbone, so the wonders of the WaterScope VN system are available to users of all sizes from the nation’s largest water utilities to even single homeowners.

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There is no one-size-fits-all solution when installing an innovative water meter system.

At Mass Installation, Inc., we understand this fact and work closely with each client to find the best fit for your potential project. After all, getting the details right from the beginning saves time, money, and valuable resources.

Mass Installation Inc. works as your partner to ensure your project gets off on the right foot. Experienced advisors and technicians can tailor comprehensive water metering solutions to fit any size project, helping to save millions of gallons of water and avert billing disputes over the long term.

With decades of experience, you can rely on us to deliver quality installation services and select the best meter size for your application.

We strive to meet deadlines and exceed your expectations consistently. We can handle customer needs from a residential project through much larger, more complex public works.

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Consulting Services

Our consulting services help clients make informed decisions.

Our consultants work with you to identify the best ways of conserving water, preventing costly leaks, consolidating management and increasing revenue by reducing unaccounted water.

Whether you need assistance with water conservation or an expert meter technician, we can assist you.

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Project Management

Having a dedicated project manager from Mass Installation Inc. streamlines communication and helps keep costs down from start to finish.

In addition, we understand that many clients have numerous projects at once, making keeping the pulse of what’s happening on-site more difficult.

That’s where we come in.

As a trusted partner, we’ll manage your entire project from design through completion, ensuring that everything goes as planned.

From project planning to execution, we develop a comprehensive approach that meets every client’s goals, minimizes risk, and preserves water resources for generations to come.

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