Since 1982 MII has supplied, installed, tested and/or serviced over two million water meters and end-points.

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The company’s competitive profile is based on its expertise in the distribution, installation and management of cutting edge meter reading and data management technologies. From consulting, account audits, and public relation campaigns, through final project completion, MII utilizes its wisdom and experience to successfully and seamlessly complete all your water metering needs.

Specializing In Smart Water Technology

Mass Installation Inc. excels at providing industry leading technology solutions and water meter components that empower our clients to conserve water and increase revenue.


Benefits Of Using A Smart Water Meter

Increase Revenue

By reducing unaccounted for water and identifying costly leaks both the utility and water customer know exactly how much water is being used.

Reduce Waste

Detect leaks and excessive water loss before it happens. It’s the solution for effective water utilization and managing water customers with ease.

Centralize Management

Utilities or property managers can allocate resources away from having to conduct manual meter reads and deploy personnel to focus on other needs.

Improve Efficiency

Water customers get alerted when their water usage exceeds normal levels and utilities can issue bills with ease and less requests for abatements due to transparency.

Increase Productivity

A new meter provides real-time water usage data, and online portal access saves time visiting sites, eliminating the need for manually read billing.

Keep Your Assets Safe

Protect your assets, people, and property from water damage. Alerts to your phone give you a heads up about problems or potential issues.

Stay Connected

Get real-time water usage information. Stay in the know with notifications and customer portal access.

Restore Confidence

Water customers can be assured that they have the tools to alert them if there is a watering issue and have faith that the utility is providing the most efficient metering solution.




The most accurate, and most durable smart water meters in North America.


Experts in the implementation and installation of water meters and data management technologies.

Meter Testing

Accurate billing and water conservation is impossible without an accurate meter.

Project Management

MII has over 40 years of providing Utilities with water metering services.

Our Reputation

“Mass Installation was, and is, the right choice to do your meter/amr installation if you value your relationship with your customers. They had great project managers, office staff and, most importantly, installers on the ground here in Wooster. Rarely did I have to get involved with a customer concern or question. Their staff was professional and friendly at every stem of customer contact: scheduling, installation, and any necessary follow-up… Mass Installation went out of their way to ease the burden on our office by providing assistance in every way possible. They made my mission theirs.”

Keith P. Boyle, CPA,Deputy Finance Director, City of Wooster, Ohio

“Employees displayed much incentive to get the job done right and on time. When problems did arise they stepped right in to minimize any water damage and correct the problem to the customers satisfaction. When they had completed their day’s work assignments, if time allowed, they would go “door knocking” to get more installations done in a day rather than quitting early.

As a superintendent of the Sprague Water and Sewer Authority, it was a refreshing experience to work with two individuals who weren’t afraid to do a day’s work plus!”

David H. RoodSuperintendent of Sprague Water and Sewer Authority

“In these times when quality job performance is not the usual experience, we are pleased to express our gratitude for a job well-done by your employees.

The installers assigned to the Norwich water meter project are to be commended for their efficient, courteous attention in carrying out the project.

The work was accomplished smoothly with a minimum inconvenience to the residents and where there was any difficulty with a particular installation the men were most cooperative in working out the problem.”

Leonard H. Cook, Liason/Fire Chief& The Prudential Committee (Arnold Dean, Cheryl A. Lindberg, Frederick Bigelow), Norwich Fire District , Norwich Vermont

Current Projects

Somerville, MA

Somerville, MA

The City of Somerville is replacing the water meters at all residences and businesses and new technology is being installed; in response to the City’s persistent efforts to provide its residents with the most economical and efficient utility systems, the City has...

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Medford, MA

Medford, MA

The City of Medford is replacing all water meters and meter transmission units (MTU) with new technology to ensure that residents have an accurate and reliable water utility service. The City apologies for any inconveniences due to any temporary disruption in water...

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Exclusive New-England Distributor for Metron-Farnier

Metron’s metering and technology products can deliver information on water usage far beyond billing data and volume consumption.